To make the best custom cases on Earth we utilize the recently developed 3D Sublimation technology to print and process our cases, (see our Videos section to see how it all comes together). Thanks to the new technology the ink is not just sprayed directly on the cases but is absorbed into inner layers of the plastic.

 But what does all this mean? means that the print on your cases will not only be on the back of the case but on the sides as well, hence the 3D print. The print cannot simply be rubbed off and will not be discolored if you scratch it. You will receive a high quality product that can last for years.

Because of the custom nature of the product, each cases is individually processed by a technician, it is not simply mass produced in a foreign country but printed and processed right here in the USA.

We understand the urgency to get your product fast, that is why we have technicians working around the clock processing your orders same day.

We love printing custom cases, with quality and service in mind, who can argue that we're not the best in the industry?

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