Is it worth upgrading your iPhone 7 to iPhone 8?

Now that the long awaited iPhone 8 has been introduced and is available in stores the mystery surrounding it is unveiled and the intense buzz has finally subsided. When the dust settled, in a nutshell the iPhone 8: has the same design but less color options as the predecessor, is slightly heavier due to the glass backside instead of aluminum, has the A11 Bionic processor which is only marginally faster than the previous A10 Bionic processor, has a very incremental, if any, photographic and video processing improvement, has essentially the same display as before and the same battery life. If one considers the up to $200 heftier price tag for the iPhone 8, then it makes sense why the iPhone 8 is not getting raving reviews from the heavyweights. says "If you own an iPhone 7, the iPhone 8 is definitely not worth the upgrade." As far as the hardware is concerned the only thing that makes the iPhone 8 truly apart from the previous version is the adoption of Qi standard wireless charging capability that enables it to receive power charge from any charger of this standard. Fortunately it is very easy to effectively turn your iPhone 7 into iPhone 8 by adding wireless charging. Wireless charger bases or pads are now widely available and go for around $60 for well known brands such as Belkin and Mophie, and around $30 for less known suppliers on Amazon, Ebay and other outlets. As to the wireless charge receiver cases for iPhones, only a handful of models are currently available on the market. Besides the few that obviously lacks professional product design and development, and seems to have been put together in a basement workshop, there are only a couple of legitimate products out there. Mophie's wireless charging case with battery will set you back a decent $99 while Marvelcase Air will cost you a more reasonable $39. In either case adding one of these wireless charging receiver cases will effectively turn your iPhone 7 into iPhone 8. Thus upgrading to iPhone 8 should be postponed by a year until the next generation of iPhones will possibly offer you better reasons to upgrade. 

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