Truly wireless future for smart phones says "You know what's missing from all our visions of a futuristic utopia? Wires. You never see anyone fumbling with a cable to plug in an Android phone or iPhone. Everything just magically works." It is true that with the development of Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi, and RFID data communication technologies transferring data between devices is easier than ever. Listening to music is now done via Bluetooth headphones and speakers, while sharing pictures, files and backing up data can be easily done by NFC, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. When one really thinks about it, the only thing that is literally tying down a smart phone is the need for charging. Everything else is already being done wirelessly.  Wireless charger bases or pads are now widely available and go for around $60 for well known brands such as Belkin and Mophie, and around $30 for less known suppliers on Amazon and Ebay. As to the wireless charge receiver cases for iPhones, only a couple of legitimate products are available out there. Mophie's wireless charging case with built-in battery will set you back a decent $99 while MarvelCase Air will cost you a reasonable $39. In either case adding one of these wireless charging receiver cases will add a wireless charging capability and effectively turn your iPhone 7 into iPhone 8. Apple got rid of the headphone jack when it first rolled out the iPhone 7. Surprisingly, the mourning that followed was shallow and fleeting. IPhone 7 users simply switched to the wide array of Bluetooth headphones and speakers that was already available. Same thing will soon happen to the lightning port when users will realize that wireless charging is easy. Once wireless charging is adopted the need for that big hole at the bottom of your phone will be gone. Perhaps fully waterproof phones will finally be achievable, but that's another story.

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