About Marvelcase Air

Why Marvelcase Air?

Upgrade your iPhone7 with the beautiful Marvelcase Air and make it COMPLETELY WIRELESS. Marvelcase Air gives your iPhone 7 a wireless charging capability and makes it as good as iPhone 8. Marvelcase Air works with all Qi standard wireless chargers including Apple's AirPower Mat, Belkin and Samsung wireless chargers.

Key Features

  • Qi standard wireless charging capability - works with all Qi standard wireless chargers
  • Advanced materials - provide superior impact protection and integrity
  • Slim, light weight and elegant design with a good grip and a luxurious silky feel

Marvelcase Air - charging on AirPower mat

The birth of the project

In the last couple of years big brand phones have all been adopting the wireless charger capability and making a push towards a totally wireless future for smart phones. When one really thinks about it, the only thing that was literally tying down a smart phone is the need for charging. Everything else is already being done wirelessly. Listening to music, sharing pictures, transferring files and backing up data can be easily done by NFC, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. By early 2017, Apple's iPhone was the only big brand smart phone that remained without a wireless charging capability. This project is to change that and make the iPhone 7 totally wireless. 


The plan was to take the existing technology (Qi standard specifications) established by the Wireless Power Consortium and put it in a case that is functional as well as attractive. Our mantra was that our case does not have to be bulky and ugly just because it needs to be protective or have the wireless charging capability. We needed to come up with a design that complements and is worthy of the beautiful iPhone 7. In collaboration with one of the WPC member engineering factories and product design professionals, we created Marvelcase Air. It is a Qi standard wireless charger case that is also tough and protective, while being beautifully slim and elegant. The acrylonitrile butadiene styrene and polycarbonate shell is a hard material that is easy to mold and provides excellent impact resistance and high shear strength. This means that it is a more suitable material for molding the spaces and cavities to house our wireless charger receiver components as well as for providing impact protection for them and the phone. The special rubber coating is an additional layer of impact protection and gives it abrasion resistance. But the main reason for this coating is that it provides a good grip and a luxurious silky feel.

Marvelcase Air - Maroon - wireless charging case

The Bigger Impact

Marvelcase Air is a prelude to two more similar but totally new and "out of the box" projects that are in their R&D stages. A reasonably successful introduction of the Marvelcase Air will not only provide us with a bit of financial room to finish developing the next Marvelcases, but will also give us a big boost in confidence to go on with the projects. Stay tuned for some truly marvelous products that deserve to be brought to existence.

The Qi wireless charging technology  

Wireless charging (induction) is nothing new and was invented by Nicolas Tesla more than a hundred years ago. But in 2008, Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) was formed by a group of big tech companies and it started exploring various new applications of the inductive technology. Its purpose was to develop a safe, efficient and reliable standard for wireless inductive charging. They came up with Qi wireless charging standard, which is an open interface standard for wireless transfers of power between compatible devices and combines induction and resonance technologies to transmit power between a transmitter and receiver. The Qi standard specifies for inductive transfers of power up to 5W by inductive coupling between two planar coils to transfer power from the power transmitter to the power receiver.

Wireless induction charging graphic

Despite alternatives, namely A4WP and PMA standards, Qi has now been established as the universal wireless charging standard. As the technology matured, the WPC was joined by and the Qi standard embraced by hundreds more of manufacturers, deepening the pool of technical expertise and strengthening the standard. In a recent milestone event Qi has finally been endorsed and adopted by Apple Inc. It incorporated the Qi wireless charging technology in its newest generation of iPhones (iPhone 8 and iPhone X) and the AirPower charging mat. Today Qi wireless charging technology can be found in a variety of household products such as Ikea branded household furnishings as well as in public venues such as coffee shops, airports, and restaurants. This explosive growth of wireless charger devices is further fueled by a wide adoption of wireless charging by car manufacturers and furniture makers.